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So you want to start making money with ClickBank

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So you want to start making money with ClickBank - well first an introduction

ClickBank is one of the most popular websites for people wishing to buy or sell digital products online. The marketplace sells everything from audio books to potty training for dogs and anything else in between.

Becoming a ClickBank Affiliate 

There is absolutely no cost to become a ClickBank affiliate and anyone can become one - if you find a product that you want to promote either by finding it at a vendor’s website, personal recommendation or by searching the ClickBank Marketplace you will be given a unique link that you need to use to redirect potential customers to the products sales page.

So, how does a person become a affiliate?

Signing up: Open a ClickBank Account by going here - and then enter all the relevant personal information as well as your account and payment information.

How does ClickBank pay me for may sales?

ClickBank sends payments out every two weeks if you chose the payment by Cheque or alternatively if you chose to be paid by direct deposits then you will receive payments on a weekly basis.

What products should I promote?

As previously mentioned there is a huge range of products available in the ClickBank Marketplace.

One of the best places to start when promoting a ClickBank product is to use the "Momentum" page. The "Momentum" page has already done all the hard work for already by looking at a products history including gravity, sales and refunds and then decides on if it is a product that is likely to sell.

Alternatively browse the ClickBank Marketplace where you will be provided with information pertaining to each product including the commission you will receive if you sell the product.

Finally, always look for products that have a commission of no less than forty percent in order to make your efforts worthwhile. When calculating your commission remember that ClickBank needs to make money as well and therefore ClickBank will deduct a percentage of your commission for themselves.

I hope this helps those of you starting on your ClickBank journey :)