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Frozen-above-ground-pool, frozen swimming pool – what to do with a frozen pool - what to do when you wake up one morning and notice that the pool has frozen over. what should you do, like right now!?!. Frozen pool + weight? nope, not gonna work... fail is imminent. // subscribe to our channel, share and thumb up this video // if you have copyright problem thingy, please contact us to resolve it ..., freezing above ground pools q. can i stop my above ground pool from collapsing or at least limit the damage? i just checked my pool and the pillow has popped and the snow/ice build up was bringing some of the sides in..

I just recently bought my house and the previous people were renters and did not winterize no cover! it is frozen solid or at least it seems so. i have never had a pool so i am new to all of this and that is why it did not seem like a concern which i am wrong. i bought a cover for it is there something i can do to save my pool?, how do you fix an already frozen above ground pool? top answer. wiki user january 19, 2009 12:14am. you would break the ice and drain the water. then you can fix whatever needs to be fixed. hope ....

Note: a little adult language right at the beginning. this is a vertical video of some good ol' boy in crocs (you should have bought the camo ones) smoking a cigarette and taking a casual stroll on a slightly frozen above-ground pool. it works out exactly how you'd expect, unless you expected him to be able to walk around playing jesus all day, in which case, congratulations, you just failed ..., as soon as you notice that the water in your pool is frozen, start running the filter and pump systems continuously. approximately two weeks must pass for water inside your filter, pump and pipes to freeze completely, so your pool's lines may not be frozen just because there is a layer of ice on top of the water surface..

First off, let me just say: you should very rarely have to drain your pool at all.in fact, draining it for the winter is not really advised because it can cause your liner to dry and crack from the wind and cold. but...there are a few reasons you might have to drain your above ground pool. and … how to drain an above ground pool (in 3 easy steps) read more », hi debby, i have seen that before, when one side of the yard traps more water, and then ‘frost heave’ lifts up the ground on one side of the pool, which in some cases can crumple or dent a pool wall and/or upright posts, and in other cases, when the ground thaws, the pool settles back into place with very little noticeable damage, if you are lucky..

Swimming pool ice damage in winter. how big a threat is this? the very short answer to this question is that any swimming pool located anywhere where the ice thickness is likely to exceed 5 centimetres is vulnerable to being damaged in the winter if special precautions are not taken.