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Mental-health-benefits-of-indoor-plants, most people know that spending time outside in a natural setting is wonderful for your mood, but you can get those same mental health benefits with indoor houseplants as well. there have been a large number of scientific studies into the effect that plants have on us, and there are many documented facts about keeping. Most of the psychological benefits of potted plants have been tied to viewing green, leafy ones, such as ficus trees and ferns. cactuses may bring to mind pleasant thoughts of home if you grew up ..., researchers at texas a&m have found that having indoor plants can reduce stress and improve your mental health. more local.

We're having a love affair with plants. as of late, the leafy goodness has taken centre stage in becoming the new cool things for millennials (avocado is so last year)...., house plants are not only an object of décor but also are wonderful in offering tremendous health benefits to mankind. there are some real health benefits, including both physical health benefits as well as mental health benefits of having house plants.. The topic of mental health has been continuously gaining a lot of attention. it is a very serious concern in the 21st century, yet every time the issue is mentioned it sounds like a very abstract a…, eclectic dining room by logan killen interiors author: anne ellard most of us have flowers or plants of some sort inside but we don’t always realise their excellent health benefits.