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Saturday, November 26, 2022

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How To Sketch
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An Easy Course For Anyone Who Wants To Learn The Art Of Sketching. The Author Shares Her Own Methods Plus Numerous Tips About Drawing & Sketching From Past Artists' Experience And Knowledge.
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How To Sketch
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Learn How To Sketch
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An Easy Course For Anyone Who Wants To Learn The Art Of Sketching. The Author Shares Her Own Methods Plus Numerous Tips About Drawing & Sketching From Past Artists' Experience And Knowledge.

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Hello my artistic friend, ... I'm Kerry Godsall. Are you searching for the perfect book that teaches you how to sketch? If you are frustrated by books bogged down in too much theory, then this book is your answer! I enjoy studying old art books written long ago. After years of research, I felt that I must share all this valuable information with you because it really is the legacy left to us by past artists. It's All In One Book... Essential instructions have been gathered together and condensed into one easily accessible version - saving you hours of trawling through numerous books! This book has everything you need to learn the basics of drawing and sketching ...and it's here now! You discover great tips that have been forgotten over the years. I also show you which methods taught me how to sketch and to quickly improve along the way. Imagine yourself admiring a view and then being able to simulate it on paper with just a few strokes in a few minutes! Well, guess what? ...It is now quite possible for you to be one of those clever people who can jot down an instant visually! All of us have the potential to be able to draw or sketch and that potential is accessible at any age! You don't need any special knowledge to take up this hobby, you can start straight away and all the while you will experience the wonders of creation as you watch yourself grow and improve. Find out for yourself that you can successfully create images following the techniques in this how to sketch guide. There is no risk, I really do have your best interests at heart, if you're not 100% convinced you can create a sketch within 60 days, I want you to get your money back. No questions asked. No hassle. ''A sketch has charm because of its truth - not because it is unfinished.'' - Charles Hawthorne. Sketching is such an interesting pastime, there are many of us who love and admire sketchwork. Looking at sketches is like being privy to the artist's thoughts and feelings and that's something that has always kept me fascinated. ''This is a great eBook! It's designed for the beginner, but has some good information and exercises even for the experienced artist. It takes you from looking at your subject properly to conveying that onto paper. A must-have for anyone who wants to learn how to sketch, and also for those who want to improve their drawing skills. Kerry, thanks for doing us a great favor by producing this for us!'' Michael Betz, USA. How is it different? The how to sketch guide is unique because it explains the simple concept of sketching based on my own study, experience and progress. Plus, all the hard work has been done for you, I've collected years and years of fantastic tips and tricks and they're altogether in this one guide! Once you are shown the basics, it's a life-changing moment when you see you can create a great sketch with just a few strokes! For example, learning how to sketch trees is easier than drawing trees because sketching is drawing simplified! Illustrations in the eBook show you how to achieve this look - see the example (on right) of how to sketch a branch - it's like trickery with a pencil. In next to no time, you will be comfortable with sketching and actually getting the results you desire. Visualize yourself depicting a simple reflection of a scene -- it's peaceful, it's just you and Mother Nature -- and you realize you've left behind all stress and worry. Sketching naturally takes care of your mental health and that's a huge benefit. ''Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.'' - Thomas Merton ''I thought that the section on directional lines in perspective was particularly useful for beginners along with the section on light and shade (especially on trees which I still struggle with myself!) and the part about measuring with a pencil too. In fact, there was lots of really useful information throughout!'' Sandra, UK. Why Should You Get This Book? It is of little use to sketch until you hav