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Singorama - Essential Guide To Singing.
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Learn To Sing From A Top Vocal Coach And Ex #1 Pop Singer That Has A Platinum Album And 2 Gold Albums. Singorama Is A CB Veteran Of 15 Years Because It Converts So Well! Excellent Product And High Uptake Of Monthly Recurrings.
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Singorama - Essential Guide To Singing.
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Learn How To Sing – Singorama
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Learn To Sing From A Top Vocal Coach And Ex #1 Pop Singer That Has A Platinum Album And 2 Gold Albums. Singorama Is A CB Veteran Of 15 Years Because It Converts So Well! Excellent Product And High Uptake Of Monthly Recurrings.

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Dominating the karaoke bar. Wowing audiences with songs you would have never dreamed of trying before… Being “that voice” of your local choir that everyone is talking about… Most importantly, it means you can: Fulfil your destiny as an incredible singer!  “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson As I mentioned earlier, I was a lead singer in a #1 pop group called “Girlfriend”. We enjoyed international success with many singles peppered throughout the top 10. But long before my success, I was not what you would have considered a good singer… I was actually teased at school for my efforts at singing. I had given up on singing altogether until a friend who was seeing a vocal coach taught me some techniques so I could audition for a musical. Just a few tips and a burning ambition gave me the confidence to pursue singing. I was lucky to have parents who were able to afford the vocal lessons I craved. But at the time I didn’t realize I was learning to sing in an incredibly old fashioned and slow way. But with perseverance, luck, and a solid background in dancing, I was able to get my foot in the door in the singing industry. But I still hadn’t experienced that ‘light-bulb moment’ with my singing yet. I always considered myself a dancer first, before I was a singer, and I didn’t have total confidence in myself to be the lead singer in our group. So, in the beginning, I shared the lead vocals with my bandmate Robyn. Because of our initial success, our record company BMG wanted to secure their investment by providing us with the best vocal coaches money could buy. It was this training from elite vocal coaches that that took my voice to a totally different level. The new, elite training we received was like a bootcamp for our vocals… Day-by-day I could feel my voice transforming… My vocals kept getting stronger, more agile, with greater control and range. I adored my new beautiful tone and felt so confident with my perfect pitch. I took advantage of every chance I could to improve my voice… even after our singing bootcamp was over, BMG continued our ongoing vocal training… securing my access to world class singing coaches… singing coaches reserved for stars! Being a nerdy student, I took note on every little detail… And when I got home, I compiled my notes, so I could easily use them whenever needed. Since life on tour was hectic, I streamlined my vocal training notes to create a simple system that I could work through in as little time possible – without compromising results. When I became a professional vocal coach myself, I used the same streamlined singing system to radically transform my student’s voices… And it’s the same revolutionary singing system that’s ‘awakened’ the voices of thousands of my ecstatic online members. OK, so you’re probably thinking right now… “I get it, there’s a special method for transforming my singing voice incredibly quickly using cutting edge professional techniques… is it difficult?” You can achieve your singing dreams by dedicating 10 minutes a day following the same simple system that I used for my career, and the same easy-to-use system that has been developed to help thousands of others over the past 15 years: The core system consists of 28 dynamic vocal training audio modules. This is combined with ebooks, worksheets, and tools designed to have you singing with better range, tone, pitch and control – rapidly! Singorama is dedicated to providing the most relevant and up to date training to ensure your vocals are trained safely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner that’s had poor results with learning to sing in the past… Or, if you’re already a terrific singer… The cutting-edge techniques outlined in this course will transform your voice to heights you’ve never dreamed possible. The Singorama System takes you by the hand with a simple step-by-step system ensur

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